School Compliant

Our school compliant range 

Calypso Soft Drinks is proud of our extensive portfolio of branded school compliant soft drinks that includes Pure Juices; Juicy Waters , Aquajuice, Sparkling Rapidz and Juicy Aid; and a freezable dessert Jubbly smoothies. All of the range contains at least 50% fruit juice, and many count as one of you five a day.  The term “School compliant” means that every product meets required government health standards. This is great news for parents, as your child can choose a healthy drink every day! 

As a parent you might remember enjoying Calypso drinks in school so you will be glad to hear that your kids are getting the same great experience and with improvements to boot!  Calypso was  the first company to launch a range of School Compliant soft drinks, and we continue to ensure that all our products meet the required standards, and are always healthy , tasty and refreshing too.