The freezable range

Our freezable range includes fun and tasty treats for all the family from ice lollies to frozen  smoothies, playful freezepops and natural mineral water ice cubes.  All our freezable brands combine fresh, mouth-watering fruit flavours with natural colours and low or zero sugar to create an enticing treat which can be enjoyed every day.  And they’re really convenient as they can be stored at room temperature, and popped in the freezer ready for when you need a cool refreshing treat

Our famous Jubbly ice lollies, available in a variety of refreshing flavours, are made with pure fruit juice, natural mineral water, natural colours and flavours and contain no preservatives.   Our Jubbly smoothies combine delicious fruit juices into a great tasting sorbet-like dessert, made with 50% pure juice and crushed fruit.

Calypso has teamed up with some family friendly brands to create freeze drinks which appeal to kids.  These include our Scooby-doo, Simpsons, Disney and Marvel freezepop ranges.