The most comprehensive school compliant range to choose from

Get your order in now for drinks that are sure to fly out of the fridge

Calypso has carried out extensive research in schools and academies, talking to catering professionals and kids, to ensure we fully understand your needs when it comes to soft drinks.

We hear you when you say you’re looking for healthy, delicious drinks options that kids enjoy and that are school-compliant too. Our range of brands and pack formats caters for all school soft drinks requirements.

Read on for more information about our fabulous range and find out how to request your free trial drinks pack...

The Calypso Team

Stock up now on their favourite drinks

More and more schools and academies are making the effort to ensure kids only have access to healthy drinks on their premises.

Rest assured our comprehensive range of soft drinks are all school compliant with:

  • At least 50% fruit juice


  • NO artificial colours
  • NO artificial flavours
  • NO artificial SWEETENERS


50% pure juice and natural mineral water


50% fruit juice plus sparkling mineral water

Juice Shots

100% pure juice in a handy cuplet

Fairtrade Juices

100% pure fairtrade fruit juice

Juicy Aid

50% fruit juice, 50% sparkling water and a donation to the World Land Trust

Jubbly Smoothies

Crushed fruit and fruit juice dessert to freeze

Aquajuice Cordial

New LACA award winning cordial ideal for primary schools

Kids Love Calypso

Here’s a great idea for school and academy catering managers… why not hold a tasting session and give your kids a say in the drinks you choose?

It’s a great opportunity for them to learn more about health and nutrition, and even better, in schools where kids have a say in the drinks that are provided, they are more positive and enthusiastic about what’s on offer.

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Let's get everyone involved

Invite kids, teachers and even parents for a taste test so they can find out for themselves how tasty our school-compliant healthy drinks are.

If you would like a sample of our school-compliant drinks range for a taste test or school council / School Nutrition Action Group (SNAG), simply enter your details on the form below and select the products you’re interested in.

Please let me know about future Calypso sample offers and promotions

For more information about Calypso school-compliant drinks sample packs email us. Please include the words "school-compliant drinks sample pack" in your subject line.