Our health promise

At the heart of everything we produce is a commitment to best-in-class products that are refreshingly healthy.

Many of our products deliver one of your five-a-day

Many of our products contain 150ml of fruit juice, which means they count as one of your five-a-day. We have an extensive range of pure fruit juices in a variety of packaging formats that are suitable for all the family, and we also offer a range of Juicy Waters – blends of pure fruit juice and natural mineral water – that deliver one of your five-a-day too. Have a look at our Aquajuice, Rapidz and Juicy Aid product pages to find out more about these healthy, tasty and refreshing brands.

No artificial colours or flavours in our soft drinks

We don’t use artificial colours or flavours in any of our products. In fact, Calypso led the way, and was the first soft drinks supplier to remove artificial colours and flavours from our soft drinks range. 

No added sugar in our soft drinks

The sugars that you’ll find in our soft drinks are all naturally occurring fruit sugars from the pure juices we use.

Calypso products use natural mineral water

Did you know that 'natural mineral water' is the highest accreditation a water can get? We have our own accredited source of natural mineral water - right in the heart of our production site - so getting enough to make our tasty products is no problem! All our soft drinks, freeze drinks and packaged ice are made using this water.

We’re proud of our school compliant range

The School Food Trust sets out a standard that all drinks sold in schools need to meet. Calypso is very proud that so many of our soft drinks are school compliant and therefore approved for sale in schools, ensuring that children can make healthy choices when it comes to refreshment and hydration at school. This makes them the perfect solution for school lunches and break times.