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Proud Sponsors of British Surfing

Calypso has proudly supported British surfing through Surfing GB – the national body – for nearly a decade. As one of the most exciting, coolest sports in the world, it inspires young people. Surfing encapsulates a great attitude, skills for life, determination, fitness and freedom.

Calypso Aquajuice, our flagship “Juicy Water” brand is the drink of choice for the British Junior Surf Team, and has close associations with the team as we sponsor them to train and compete all over the world. The brand is a natural fit given it is made using fruit juice and natural mineral water, delivering healthy refreshment.

Our support helps to promote the sport to young people all over the UK and we sponsor some of the biggest surf events which helps our top, young surfers get ahead in the sport and rise up the national and world rankings.

Surfing GB describes surfing as, ‘Those who have experienced the thrill of catching that first “proper” wave rarely look back. There is something unique about paddling into, catching, and riding an oceanic wave; combining your own physical energy with that of the elemental forces of nature. That uniqueness is something which surfers find impossible to turn away from. It is at once a sport, a passion, a religion, a tribal ritual and, most of the time, a whole lot of fun. You’re never too young or too old to surf, and with the right attitude and the right support, literally anyone can surf.”

We couldn’t agree more. So Calypso Aquajuice has spent many years taking surfing to young people all over the UK. We provide training materials for the UK’s surf schools and clubs and have trained thousands of young people with key surf skills on dry land using clever board simulators which mimic surf moves.

Calypso Aquajuice has run competitions and created a Surf Academy where lucky potential future surf stars get to surf in Cornwall with top pros and our British Junior team. For many, it’s been a hugely positive, life changing experience. And that’s what surfing is all about.

Our Calypso Aquajuice website contains lots of information about Surfing and the Junior Surf Team which our young audience can engage with. Here is one example of the kind of material that can be found on the Aquajuice website...

World Land Trust

Calypso is committed to supporting the World Land Trust (WLT) – the UK’s leading international conservation charity, which has Sir David Attenborough as a Patron.  

The WLT protects important and threatened habitats all over the world, to create permanent reserves and save rainforests and their endangered wildlife.

Calypso donates a percentage of its sales from Calypso Juicy Aid to the WLT, and also works with them to provide educational materials to schools to promote a better understanding of conservation issues.

Calypso has just saved 1000 acres of threatened rainforest in Argentina in Misiones Province. The funds we’ve raised have allowed WLT to purchase and now permanently protect Atlantic rainforest from commercial chainsaws. A new wildlife reserve called the Esmeraldas Corredor Verde (the emerald green corridor) has been created as a safe haven for a wealth of endangered wildlife including the jaguar and giant otter. Currently only 1% of the original Atlantic Forest survives in Argentina and it is this last remaining area which needs to be saved.

The conservation work undertaken by the WLT resonates strongly with young people who feel very passionate about global ecological issues. Calypso is committed to safeguarding some of the world’s most fragile natural environments and to help save as many endangered species of wildlife as possible.


Calypso was the first soft drinks company to adopt the principals of Fairtrade and obtain the Fairtrade mark on its products. Today, we promote and sell more Fairtrade Pure Fruit Juices than ever before. In fact, our aim is to be able to produce and sell more Fairtrade Juices than standard fruit juice.

Working with the Fairtrade Foundation – the UK body which certifies all Fairtrade products – we passionately believe that Fairtrade standards are essential to ensure sustainable practices and that a fair price is paid to producers in developing countries.

Each year we actively support Fairtrade Fortnight and heavily promote Fairtrade standards and products to all our customers and to young people in schools and universities.

We believe 100% in justice, fairness and protecting farmers’ livelihoods, while supporting communities and families living in developing countries.