A responsible company

At Calypso, we believe it is our duty to be a responsible manufacturer. From the way we run our business, to the ingredients we use in our products, and to the way that we dispose of our waste, you can be assured that we do the right thing.

Working with the World Land Trust

Calypso cares deeply about the environment, and we donate 2% of the annual turnover of our Calypso Juicy Aid range (lightly sparkling Juicy Waters) to the World Land Trust to help them protect precious habitats that are threatened by industry. The World Land Trust uses its funds to purchase and protect threatened habitats worldwide that are home to many endangered species, thereby helping to secure their future for generations. If you require any further information on the World Land Trust, please visit their website here.

Fairtrade Foundation

Calypso has a range of Fairtrade certified Pure Juices. These are sourced from small independent farm groups in poor and disadvantaged areas. The Fairtrade Foundation seeks to transform trading structures and practices in favour of the poor and disadvantaged.

Supporting sports in schools

Calypso has been inspiring kids to get active for over a decade. We know that many young people don’t engage with traditional sports, so we’ve been creating campaigns which bring ‘freesports’ to schools all over the UK. We’ve brought in professional riders and coaches and have given thousands of young people the chance to try surfing and mountain biking at school, without the need for a beach or mountains. These amazing sports have the ability to transform lives, build confidence and self-esteem. We’ve seen it with our own eyes! So we’ll keep our sporting initiatives going so that Britain’s young people can experience new sports and achieve things they never thought they could.


We take recycling very seriously, and in 2009 we began a campaign to drastically reduce the amount of waste in the factory and offices, and to reuse and recycle material wherever possible. Our ongoing target for weight of waste to landfill is to achieve less than 0.6% of the weight of product produced, which we committed to implement with our rigorous new recycling initiative. We have currently gone further than this target.

All waste from the factory and our offices is now separated on site so that the maximum possible can be sent to be recycled. A new post has been created to fulfill this goal. We are now recycling toner cartridges, mobile phones, computers, paper, cardboard, PE wrap, PET bottles, PS material from the off- cuts of cups and cuplets, HDPE large plastic drums and scrap metal. This amounts to two large skips of waste per month that is now being recycled instead of going to landfill.

We also work with local authorities and schools to support their ongoing sustainable initiatives to ensure that consumers of our products responsibly dispose of the empty packaging, as part of the national recycling scheme, which then transforms used materials into re-usable products.